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Space art and Sci-fi universe


Primus Ecumenicum by Julian-FaylonaThe Cradle World by Julian-FaylonaThe Seasons by ValentiniaKTheater District by Julian-Faylona


Wayfarer by taenaronGather by ChrisColdAMPHITRITE UPDATE by goodforn0thingThe God Machine by Julian-Faylona


Aegri Somnia by NuukeerOrdinary Eve by taenaronService Hangar by Julian-FaylonaOne of The Lights by QAuZOrganic Lights by Shue13



Brown dwarf by JustV23Sinal de Luz by goodforn0thingSHield World Construction by AdamBurnContact by xistenceimaginationsThe Last Glow by LordDoomhammer

Group Info


joining as a member:
:bulletblue:anyone CAN be a member regardless of your skills and level.

:bulletblue:members can equally contribute their works and ask for critiques and comments whenever they want.

joining as a MODERATOR:
:bulletyellow:MODERATORS play their role in controlling as well as monitoring the contents of the group as well as of those that are submitted by ordinary members. They get to decide what gets in and what do not.

:bulletyellow:should you request to join as a moderator, your application will be determined by a set of criteria.

:bulletyellow: those criteria are, experience, quality of work, and number of work currently present in a deviant's gallery. and those works are referring to VISUAL works as we do not accept literary works.

:bulletyellow:should your application be declined, rest assured we will tell you why we did so.

guidelines for submissions:
:bulletred:we will only accept works that have been completed. Be reminded that although we accept "Virtually Anything" it does not mean you can start submitting works that are not related to the purpose and goal of the group. Even though it is of good quality, we will deny it for obvious reasons if it just doesn't cater to the group's interests. Look at the group's tagline just to make sure you are in line with our interests. Do not assume that we take anything just because it is labeled as sci-fi or space art.

:bulletred: Although we are very lenient about skill levels and execution, we still do keep a certain degree of quality control in this group.

:bulletred:you may not submit another person's work as your own but you can suggest it to the group. Please refer below for the description of the folders and what we allow in them.

:bulletred:The SPACE folder is for anything that is space oriented with planets and other "natural" space elements.

:bulletred:The TERRA-SPACE folder is similar to Space but only that it involves scenes from the ground or lands that are generated from Terragen and other 3D programs.

:bulletred:The SCI-FI folder Can be any of the above except it includes "artificial" elements like ships, robots, cities, and other sci-fi related elements.

:bulletred:The CHARACTERS folder focuses more to characters and figures but they have to be sci-fi oriented to be accepted into the group.

:bulletred: We also cater to Speedpaints, Mattes and Concepts of any type in this group as long as they are of good quality. Please submit them into the FEATURED SPEEDPAINTS & CONCEPTS folder. Be reminded that this folder is a special branch of the main Featured folder. Do not confuse it with the main Featured folder.

:bulletred: We do not allow ordinary members to submit into the FEATURED folder because we want to regulate what goes in it carefully so therefore only admins get access to it. But rest assured that if you have pieces submitted into other folders that are of "exceptional" quality, we will move it into the FEATURED folder.

:bulletred:we do not accept literary works, pure fractals, nudes (duhh!), photography, flash, and film...

Critiques and comments:
:bulletgreen:you may request for comments and critiques and rest assured they will be given per your request.

:bulletpurple:we do not support Art Thievery in any forms! and we will not accept any kind of art stolen, or used as a part of another without the permission of its original owner... rest assured that violators will be chastised!!! :pissedoff:


finally, have fun everyone! and spread news about the group whenever you can! :D
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Feb 21, 2010


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A Gentle Reminder to All Members of This Group

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 9, 2010, 1:02 PM
Hello fellow members of CA!

Perhaps a lot of you may notice that we do not allow members to submit into the main Featured folder. The reason why we do this is to regulate the quality that we allow in it and also to eliminate misunderstandings and dissatisfaction from deviants who get denied from that folder. We choose what goes in it.

But good news is, we do transfer pieces from other folders into the Featured folder if we see it of exceptional quality and skill. It could be yours too.

Be reminded that the Featured Speedpaints and Concepts is a special folder dedicated to such works. Look into the folder to get an idea of what is allowed in the folder. And please compare your piece and see if there is any similar pieces in terms of execution with other works in the folder. If not, then perhaps it doesn't belong there.

Be reminded that we regulate the folders very strictly and even if you managed to get your piece approved in a wrong folder, we will push it to where it should be.

To avoid that, please ensure that your submissions fit the folder you are submitting in. To be frank, 85% - 90% of the time, pieces get denied not because we don't like it. But it's because it's submitted into the wrong folder. However keep in mind that we still have a certain degree of quality control for the non-Feature folders.

When we say "Anything" is allowed, it does not mean you want to start submitting pieces drawn from MS Paint with simple lines and dots here and there. These are among the 5%-10% that gets denied for obvious reasons that it just doesn't fit our group's criteria. All this is explained in our Rules & Regulations in the Group Info in the front page of CA.

PS: sometimes even if we deny a piece, we do suggest to the submitter where it should be submitted or that we take it in ourselves but in the right folder this time. Just to remind you that we're not stuck ups just in case you feel bad for being denied. ;)

Thank you :)


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